||:Train Me:||

    Pastor Emeritus Charles P. And Lady Evelyn D. Smith

    [Mommy and Daddy]

    Train Me comes from the two people I’ve admired all my life, my parents, Pastor Emeritus Charles P. And Lady Evelyn D. Smith. My parents served in music in the church since they were children. Sitting under their parents and were taught by them. Mommy and Daddy met as teenagers and served together in the music ministry at church, and as a teenager, Mommy was appointed choir director over three choirs, she taught and trained them, she was a lead singer, she played the piano and the drums. Daddy was a singer, he played the drums and the guitar. Mommy taught Daddy how to play the piano and Daddy played the organ. The both of them worked together and became the ministers of music, they were the musicians, choir directors and the music directors for the church, they taught and trained my brothers, sisters and I on how to sing and play instruments, and many others.

    Since I was a child, I’ve watched my parents served in music. Everything I’m doing now, they’ve done. Thank you Mommy and Daddy for teaching me how to play the instruments, training me in music directing and choir directing, writing, teaching me how important it is to execute in music and everything else you have always inspired and encouraged me to do. You are my favorite two people, my music influences, my mentors, my role models, my 1.

    Mommy and Daddy were always about the work of music and what it is meant for.

    Christa “Auntie” Smith


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